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Procedure13-6IT Development ProceduresInformation Technology ProceduresOffice of IT Application Support & Development 11/20/20127/18/2013
Procedure6865-11Procedures for Encroachment on ROW for a Proposed Railroad Grade CrossingRailroadsOffice of Utilities7/6/20157/6/2015
Policy2230-1Leave – General ProvisionsLeave and HolidaysHR Operations3/6/20137/23/2013
Policy2310-1Cell Phones and Other Wireless Communication DevicesGeneral Personnel PoliciesHuman Resources8/12/20158/12/2015
Policy2440-1Field Plan Review InspectionsPlan ReviewOffice of Engineering Services 3/28/2014
Policy2445-1Specifications GuidelinesSpecifications GuidelinesOffice of Engineering Services12/2/201412/2/2014
Policy2450-1Value EngineeringValue EngineeringOffice of Engineering Services12/2/201412/2/2014
Policy2840-1Equal Employment Opportunities Policy Statement - Commissioners PolicyEqual Employment OpportunityEEO10/30/201410/30/2014
Policy2841-1ADA Policy StatementAmericans With Disabilities Act (ADA)EEO10/30/201410/30/2014
Policy2841-2ADA Notice to PublicAmericans With Disabilities Act (ADA)EEO10/30/201410/30/2014
Policy2842-1Title VI Policy StatementEqual Employment OpportunityEEO10/30/201410/30/2014
Policy2a-6Bylaws of the State Transportation BoardBoard Policies - BoardState Transportation Board8/16/20127/17/2013
Policy3140-1Responsibility and Procedures for Interchange Justification IJR and Interchange Modification IMR Reports Interchange PolicyPlanning Admin12/5/20141/8/2016
Policy3145-1GDOT Consultation Process With Local Officials in Non-Metropolitan Areas of the StateConsultation Process with Local Officials in Non-Metro Areas Planning Admin12/5/20141/8/2016
Policy3150-1Preliminary Engineering (PE) Oversight Funding Structure for Non-GDOT Sponsored ProjectsPlanning and ProgrammingChief Engineer7/17/20147/17/2014
Policy3150-2Metro Planning Funding Process Planning and ProgrammingPlanning Admin1/20/20161/20/2016
Policy3A-9Cost Estimating PurposeCommissioner's Policies - GeneralDepartment of Transportation12/12/201412/15/2014
Policy3E-1Public Interest Determination PolicyCommissioner's Policies - UtilitiesDepartment of Transportation 6/5/2013
Policy4415-10GA Environmental Protection Act - GEPAEnvironmentOffice of Environmental Services11/5/201511/9/2015
Policy4420-1Georgia State Plane Coordinate SystemPlane Coordinate SystemOffice of Design Policy & Support8/20/20136/11/2014
Policy4420-2Georgia Coordinate System of 1985Plane Coordinate SystemOffice of Design Policy & Support 6/11/2014
Policy4465-1Preconstruction Survey Procedures--UtilitiesSurveysOffice of Design Policy & Support8/1/20148/1/2014
Policy4465-4Survey Procedures for Highway Bridges Over RailroadsSurveysOffice of Design Policy & Support 6/11/2014
Policy4465-5Streamline Traverse SurveysSurveysOffice of Design Policy & Support 6/11/2014
Policy4465-7Guidelines for Lake SurveysSurveysOffice of Design Policy & Support 6/11/2014
Policy4B-1Asset Management PolicyAsset ManagementChief Engineer12/6/20127/19/2013
Policy5250-1Certified Flaggers on All Work Done on State Route SystemTraffic Control - SafetyOffice of Construction12/18/201412/18/2014
Policy6120-3Resurfacing at Bridge ApproachesBridges - MaintenanceOffice of Bridge Design12/11/20128/28/2014
Policy6120-4Precast Concrete BarrierBridges - MaintenanceOffice of Bridge Design 8/28/2014
Policy6120-6Off-System Bridge SteelBridges - MaintenanceOffice of Bridge Design 8/28/2014
Policy6120-7Construction Rental-Removal of Salvaged BeamsBridges - MaintenanceOffice of Bridge Design 8/28/2014
Policy6120-8Vehicle Routing PolicyBridges - MaintenanceOffice of Bridge Design 8/26/2014
Policy6120-9Reporting of Change in Vertical ClearanceBridges - MaintenanceOffice of Bridge Design 8/28/2014
Policy6160-9Highway Safety Memorial MarkersRoadside DevelopmentOffice of Maintenance 11/7/2013
Policy6170-1Vegetation Management at Outdoor Advertising SignsVegetation ManagementOffice of Maintenance5/4/20155/4/2015
Policy6755-12Granting Permits for Requests to Use Right of Way for Movie and Television ProductionPermits - Miscellaneous6Div Director Operations7/16/20157/17/2015
Policy6755-9Policy for Landscaping and Enhancements on GDOT Right of WayPermits - MiscellaneousOffice of Traffic Operations 9/15/2014
Policy6785-2Left Turn PhasingTraffic SignalsOffice of Traffic Operations9/26/20149/26/2014
Policy6815-4Billing under Railroad Signal ProjectsBilling ProceduresOffice of Utilities8/10/20158/10/2015
Policy6850-11Procedures for Processing Utility Permits Across District BoundariesPermit ProceduresOffice of Utilities7/29/20157/30/2015
Policy6863-10Inclusion of Utility Adjustments in Construction ContractsPreconstruction ProceduresOffice of Utilities3/24/20153/24/2015
Policy6863-11Utility Aid GuidelinesPreconstruction ProceduresOffice of Utilities7/8/20157/10/2015
Policy6863-12Public Interest DeterminationPreconstruction ProceduresOffice of Utilities7/8/20157/10/2015
Policy6863-7The District Quarterly Utilities and Railroad MeetingPreconstruction ProceduresOffice of Utilities7/8/20157/10/2015
Policy6863-9Utility Adjustment Schedules and Delays to Highway ContractorsPreconstruction ProceduresOffice of Utilities7/24/20157/24/2015
Policy6865-10Duty of Railroads to Maintain Grade Crossings on all Public RoadsRailroadsOffice of Utilities7/8/20157/30/2015
Policy6865-7Vertical Clearance of Bridges over RR Tracks & Assignment of Railroad USDOT InventoryRailroadsOffice of Utilities9/1/20159/1/2015
Policy6865-8Railroad Maintenance of Grade Crossings on the State Highway SystemRailroadsOffice of Utilities7/24/20158/3/2015
Policy6865-9Acquisition of Right of Way from RailroadsRailroadsOffice of Utilities7/24/20157/31/2015
Policy8010-2Computer Information Systems PolicyComputer Information SystemsOffice of IT Infrastructure10/30/201410/30/2014